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Kerberus Prime: Awakening of the Trusted Gatekeeper

Kerberus Prime was just awakened by ShardLabs!

Kerberus Prime: Awakening of the Trusted Gatekeeper

Kerberus Prime is a Swiss-based non-custodial StaaS (Staking as a Service) platform powered by ShardLabs, an independent blockchain development agency building a decentralized future one step at a time.

Kerberus Prime offers non-custodial StaaS for multiple proof-of-stake protocols and is focusing from ‘’small fish to big whale’’ range of nominators while providing a flexible, secure, and institutional-grade service to its clients.

Kerberus Prime’s ultimate mission is to be the trusted gatekeeper of blockchains!

The Kerberus Name

Cerberus /Kerberos/ is a famous creature from Greek mythology. This three-headed gigantic dog was the gatekeeper of the underworld so that no dead soul could escape Hades.

Kerberus Prime was named after this creature because it was created to protect the gates of blockchains.

The Services: The Three Heads of the Kerberus Prime

Its main business branches are:

  • Non-custodial staking as a service
  • Liquid staking, and
  • White-labeled staking.

Kerberus Prime is collaborating with Shard Labs for in-depth experience in developing and managing staking pool nodes in various project protocols.

It’s securing multiple blockchains and the transfer between different blockchain ecosystems. It can also take care of the infrastructure, while users with assets worth more than $10M can run their own branded nodes and offer the staking services to their users.

Kerberus Prime offers liquid staking and provides staking rewards and participation in DeFi.

It also offers Node as a Service development for institutions who want to create their own project staking/pools.

Why stake with Kerberus Prime?

Kerberus Prime and ShardLabs team is a combination of experienced developers, operational and legal experts, and big blockchain enthusiasts.

It runs highly secure and reliable nodes for PoS protocols using enterprise-level hardware to ensure maximum efficiency and security with low commission.

Kerberus Prime believes in flexibility, therefore it offers solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

It also values security, and that’s why its infrastructure runs on institutional-grade hardware and is managed by highly experienced engineers and blockchain experts.

And above all comes reliability. Kerberus Prime team is decentralized across the globe which enables 24/7 monitoring and provides the best uptime of their nodes.

Don’t like the idea of locking up a stake?

Kerberus Prime offers an alternative to it, allowing the users to stake and unstake, without the requirement of transactions being enabled.

A trusted gatekeeper of blockchains!

Kerberus Prime believes in transparency, empathy, and progress.

It enables secure Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks, and the number of its allies is constantly rising.

For the updates, you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. And you can reach out to us via Discord, Telegram or directly at hello@kerberusprime.com

Stay tuned, because more is yet to come.

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